45mm Ruby Ready To Run



Live Steam 0-4-0T

While not a model of any specific prototype, the Ruby is a simple locomotive based on Baldwin practice and is typical of small locomotives used on industrial and shortline railroads all over the world.

This is an excellent engine for beginners in live steam, as it is simple to operate and reliable in use. On the other hand, it is sophisticated enough to interest those live steamers with more experience.

The Ruby will easily lend itself to kitbashing and cosmetic modification. The sheet-metal work (cab and tanks) are designed to be easily removed, leaving a complete running chassis and boiler ready for a new superstructure.

With a little imagination and ingenuity, the tanks can be eliminated and a tender added, leading or trailing wheels added, or other changes can be made, resulting in your own unique locomotive.

PRICE: £535

  • REF:23754
  • Dimensions:

    Scale/Gauge: 1:20.3

    Scale/ 45mm Gauge

    Total Weight: 2.1 Kg, 4.6 lb.

    Length: 245 mm, 9.6 in.

    Width: 100 mm, 3.9 in.

    Height: 133 mm, 5.2 in.

    Minimum Radius: 0.6 M, 24 in.

    Driver Wheels Dia: 35 mm, 1.4 in.

    Cylinders: 2 x outside frame Cylinder Size: D16 x 32

    Valve Gear: Simple eccentric

    Valves: Piston valve Reversing: Piston-valve reverser

    Fuel: Butane Boiler: Single flue Water: Capacity 80 cc Working Pressure: 40 PSI

  • 45mm Ruby Ready To Run
  • 45mm Ruby Ready To Run
  • 45mm Ruby Ready To Run
  • 45mm Ruby Ready To Run
  • 45mm Ruby Ready To Run
  • 45mm Ruby Ready To Run
  • 45mm Ruby Ready To Run

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