5 Inch Coal Wagon Driving Truck

Suitable for both narrow and standard scale models. This driving truck is constructed from laser cut steel. The short chassis (520mm) allows for a 290mm wheel base which will easily negotiate a 10' radius curve. These trucks utilise plastic bearing holders and ball race bearings.

The body is made from WBP Plywood and comes with adjustable running boards fitted as standard. The braking system utilises our own brake shoes and is available with a cranked brake lever. The shoes are made from a plastic/glass mix providing unparalleled performance. Care must be taken when applying brakes due to the achievable brake force

A little dusty but a fantastic little drivers truck.

PRICE: £Sold

  • REF:24013
  • Dimensions:

    Gauge - 5"

    Length - 520mm 

    Width - 250mm 

    Height -  125mm (To top of the chassis)

  • 5 Inch Coal Wagon Driving Truck
  • 5 Inch Coal Wagon Driving Truck
  • 5 Inch Coal Wagon Driving Truck

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