SEL 1540 Standard

The SEL 'Signaling Equipment Ltd' Standard is basically the single cylinder version of the Major. This is the third in size of their range of four stationary engines. Like the Major, the Standard is a neat, compact design and well made.

The steam feed from the top of the boiler has an in-line lubricator just before the single action oscillating cylinder.

We have a couple of additional SEL engines available so please see our other listings.

PRICE: £75

  • REF:24369
  • Dimensions:

    The main dimensions are: base - 4 3/4" square, boiler - 4" x 1 1/2" diam, cylinders - 3/16" x 3/8" stroke, flywheel 1 3/4" diam.

  • SEL 1540 Standard
  • SEL 1540 Standard
  • SEL 1540 Standard
  • SEL 1540 Standard

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