10 1/4 - 15 Inch Taliesin

TALIESIN was made in 1876 as a single Fairlie locomotive, meaning that it runs on two four wheel bogies but only one is powered. This was intended as a lighter version of the double fairlie locomotives then being introduced to the Festiniog Railway. It was eventually dismantled in 1932 when completely worn out. In 1999 a second locomotive was built to this design and given the same name.

The model is 10" gauge battery powered, it has no less than 36 traction batteries powering a 14 Kw DC motor sufficient to pull fifty passengers for up to nine hours.

It can be fitted with smoke and sound for authenticity, or even built live steam. Taliesin is 2.8m long x 0.75m wide x 1.13m high.

We can custom build Park railway models and rolling stock to your Specifications: http://maxitrak.com/park_railways.php

PRICE: £Price on application


    • Gauge. 10 1/4" - 15" (or larger if required)
    • Length: 2798mm
    • Width: 748mm
    • Height: 1130mm
    • Weight: 1500kg (dry), 2500kg with batteries
    • Power system: 14kw 72v battery electric or diesel hydraulic
    • Load: 50 persons per train, 9 hours run time on single charge, 4min cycle time.
    • Max load: 120 person without up scaling.

  • 10 1/4 - 15 Inch Taliesin
  • 10 1/4 - 15 Inch Taliesin
  • 10 1/4 - 15 Inch Taliesin
  • 10 1/4 - 15 Inch Taliesin
  • 10 1/4 - 15 Inch Taliesin

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