5 Inch Gauge Wren

Expected availability Spring 2024

Wren is a 5" narrow gauge saddle tank locomotive with open cab and footplate mounted coal bunkers. These popular, diminutive but powerful locomotives were used widely in industry and because of this several survive today in preservation. This includes the well-known and much travelled 'PETER PAN', the equally well known 'PIXIE' and 'LORNA DOONE', a much-worked engine, saved from the scrap-man’s torch.

Adding to the roll call of known survivors of this class of industrial engine, the Falklands conflict led to the surprise discovery of the remains of two 'early type' Wrens (works no 2388 & 2392). These 2’-gauge locomotives were shipped to the Falklands during the Great War of 1914-1918 to assist in the construction of a powerful radio transmitter.

A return to our roots, the 5" Wren is a back to basics live steam kit. Build your own coal fired live steam model from the ground up. Ideal for the enthusiast who wants a much more involved build process, whilst knowing there is always full parts and support back up available. Although based on the same locomotive as our, now discontinued model 'Dixie' the 5" Wren is designed to a much more accurate scale.

Wren will be available as a painted kit or ready to run with options for staged payments.

Three livery options available

Grey with White Lining
Maroon with Yellow Lining
Green with Yellow Lining

£4995 Painted Kit

£5750 Ready to Run

PRICE: £4995 Painted kit


    5" Gauge
    Scale 61mm to a ft
    Length: 737mm
    Width: 280mm
    Height: 481MM
    Minimum Radius: 8ft
    Estimated Weight: 30kg (Dry)
    Estimated Load Capacity: 5-6 Adults
    Wheel centres: 190mm
    Stainless steel saddle tank
    Superheated UKCA/AMBSC approved Copper Silver Soldered Boiler
    Coal fired

    Boiler Dia: 120mm
    Working Pressure: 90PSI
    Cylinders: Cast Iron
    Cylinder Bore: 35mm
    Cylinder Stroke: 48mm

    Hackworth Valve Gear
    Axle pump
    Hand Pump
    Displacement Lubricator
    Optional Injector

  • 5 Inch Gauge Wren
  • 5 Inch Gauge Wren
  • 5 Inch Gauge Wren
  • 5 Inch Gauge Wren
  • 5 Inch Gauge Wren
  • 5 Inch Gauge Wren

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