5 Inch Gauge Simplex Project

A nice start to the ever popular Simplex locomotive. This locomotive is popular with steam enthusiasts because of the nice size and its ability to move a good number of passengers.

A mechanically good locomotive although very much a project, has been tested in house and runs nicely. Silver soldered boiler has also been tested by us and issued with hydraulic certification.

There ar a few areas that will need to be completed to bring this locomotive in to a good working standard. This includes the addition of a pressure gauge, the piping up of pump systems, and not a requirement but an aesthetic tidy up wouldn't go amiss. 

Priced as an ideal summer project.

All our models are hydraulic tested before going to their new homes and provided with a certificate valid for 4 years. Models that already have valid certification may not be reissued.


PRICE: £Sold

  • REF:24020
  • Dimensions:

             5" Gauge

    • Length: 35"
    • Width: 10"

    • Height: 14"