Roundhouse Billy - (Rhiannon)

Billy is based on a design by Arthur Koppel and found in large numbers throughout Europe, locomotives were also built to this design by Andrew Barclay in Scotland and found on narrow gauge lines around the British Isles.

0-4-0 outside framed chassis with two double acting slide valve cylinders operated by simplified Walschaerts type valve gear. Gas fired using Roundhouse's 'FG' burner. This marticular example is manual controlled

Rhiannon is a stunningly detailed model in 32mm gauge. No small detail has been over looked and she exhibits a wealth of natural patina. Included is the lovingly hand crafted tender.

PRICE: £1095

  • REF:24584
  • Dimensions:

    16mm Scale

    32mm Gauge

    Length 280mm over buffers

    Width 125mm

    Height 165mm

    Weight 2.9Kg

  • Roundhouse Billy - (Rhiannon)
  • Roundhouse Billy - (Rhiannon)
  • Roundhouse Billy - (Rhiannon)
  • Roundhouse Billy - (Rhiannon)
  • Roundhouse Billy - (Rhiannon)

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