Vintage WW2 Stuart Turner Sirius

This vintage collectable Stuart Turner Sirius is still in it's original army colours.

During WW2 Stuart coupled the Sirius engine with an Alco generator to create a compact electrical generating set for use behind enemy lines to provide power for radios. The set fitted in a compact case and a boiler fitted in another box. The engine had a couple of additions to extend running time. The base casting had an extension added to which was fitted as brass riser tube and cap. This allow the oil sum to easily be kept topped up while running. A steam manifold was also added to the front of the engine with a pressure guage fitted on the right hand end. A condensation drain valve is also fitted. To secure the manifold to the main casting a bulge was added to the casting allowing a securing screw to be added. After the war some Sirius engines retained this bulge. Perhaps unused castings left over from the war production.

A lovely vintage collectable.


PRICE: £695

  • Vintage WW2 Stuart Turner Sirius
  • Vintage WW2 Stuart Turner Sirius
  • Vintage WW2 Stuart Turner Sirius

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